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When it comes to winning any type of game, people are always concerned with one thing – “What are my odds of winning?”. This question is posed both by those who enjoy sports betting and those who love casino games (blackjack, roulette, Texas Holdem, slots, and so on).


We have decided to put together a list of important things to know about these activities. These fact will help you pick a game that most suits you and decide where your chances of winning are better. Let’s jump right into it.


Casino Games

Casino gambling doesn’t require from a player to have any previous experience or background knowledge. Everyone can place bets in a casino and win astonishing rewards. There is a chance that a completely new player gets the jackpot. There is no “I’ve figured the scheme or pattern to win me some money” mindset in this gambling area. The waiting game is kept to a minimum and everyone knows the results of the bet they’ve placed in the matter of seconds.


With online casinos. everything is even made easy so that anyone can participate. The easiest casino games found online that don’t require any previously acquired skills whatsoever are bingo, video slots, keno and scratch cards. End even these offer people to win big money.


If you feel that you need to participate in more challenging games that involve skill, knowledge and good will to test your luck, you shouldn’t worry. Online casinos also offer live video games such as blackjack, poker, and other table oriented games. These games attract many people because they are a perfect mix of chance, or luck if you prefer, and skills or knowledge.


There is also one more important distinction between casino gambling and sports betting – the learning curve in sports betting is much more steep than the one in casino betting. Additionally, sports betting offers just one game in a limited number of variations (the goals can be points in the game, who would score first, and so on), while online casinos offer a plethora of games, each one offering a unique vibe and experience.


Sports Betting

Sports betting is as old as sport. It started to reach popularity with the first public horse racing tracks. Despite who you were and what social-economic class you came from, you could place bets on your favorite horse. With the invention of television and then Teletext and the Internet, sports betting went viral.


Today, sports betting become so serious that some people call it a hobby while others pursue it as a career. These people believe that it takes serious research in order to learn how to smartly invest money and put significant wagers while being absolutely sure that your will win the bet. Some of the factors include: team morale, impact of new players, occurring injuries, achieved results from the previous seasons as well as the current one, home field advantage, and so on.


Sports betting is not a straightforward activity. “All in on black”, or “I’ll draw another one”, is replaced with proposition bets, future bets, in-play bets and parlays in sports betting.


People who are serious about sports betting have taken the fun out of it and decided that it takes real effort and true dedication if you want to increase your chances of winning.


In any case, if you are completely new to sports betting, you should know that there are numerous systems for betting. You will definitely have to devote some time to learn this stuff in order to get a hold of it. Overall, the system is designed to make gamblers feel more responsible for their decisions and have a false sense of control.


While the payouts in sports betting are as large as they are in casino games, there are no facts that dictate that your chances of winning money are better with one or the other.


The Verdict

Poeple who are hard core about sports betting claim that their bats are based on knowledge. Knowledge on teams, players (including what they are going through in their personal lives), how each team plays at home or when visiting, and other “scientific” correlative factors. They claim that they are placing the best bet because they are certain who will win and what the score will be.


If that were true, don’t you think that everyone would be winning in sports betting all the time? Since most people don’t, this whole rationalization and assumption is wrong. So, maybe it is wise to reconsider this and place your trust in the hands of “lady luck” instead of your presumed knowledge.

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