The summer season is all about rest and relaxation – and of course, part of that is taking on your favorite hobbies. If one of your favorite pastimes is playing at casinos, you will probably have a good time trying online gaming. The online casino scene has grown and has become as flashy and exciting as brick and mortar ones. There’s no need to drive out to the nearest game center when you’ve got your own computer at home. Take a break and chill with some of the best slots online.

Have some more fun under the slots sun with the latest and greatest winner’s games. If you haven’t played or only infrequently play online casino games, here is a list of the best adventures to try right now!


The famed city of El Dorado is yours for the taking in this beautiful new 3D adventure from Net Entertainment. This online slot game follows the quest of Gonzo, also known as Gonzalo Pizarro, after parting ways with the other Spanish conquistadors and their more humble pursuit of gold. This guy dreams big, and so should you!

The city of gold deep in the jungles of South America promises the explorer who uncovers it great wealth. Take on the role of an intrepid explorer with this unique game. In the place of spinning reels that determine your fortune, falling tiles drop from the sky to make the serendipitous combinations that will net you the jackpot. The Avalanche feature is a popular mechanic wherein tiles fall into the slots of where the previous combination has matched and disappeared. When another combination triggers, you’ve gained a multiplier effect. It’s addicting as it happens again and again, sometimes even hitting double digits! Gonzo’s little 3D avatar shows some pretty sweet moves as a reminder when you’re earning big. Watch him go at it while you play to win!



Starburst – (check out the game on – is a high-energy, no nonsense slots game by Net Entertainment that draws the player in with amazing graphics and great bonuses. Sometimes, spinning reels is all there is to make a dazzling game. 3 rows and 5 columns filled with bright jewels and icons will show you your fortune. It feels like you are back in an Eighties video game arcade, with the same exciting sounds and colors – except this time, the possibilities of earning real time cash are great!

The most exciting part of the game is when you gain insane combos and the effect of the special Starburst Wild icon! The icon is one of the rarest outcomes as it only reveals itself in some columns, but the rewards multiply through the whole reel. It’s a familiar game with classic 7’s and Bar icons. Re-spins are exciting chances for a player to pump up earnings, and the game can get generous with them. With many ways to magnify your earnings in a very traditional way, Starburst is a fun crowd favorite for all kinds of players.



It’s not Wheel of Fortune, but it sure is fun to watch the wheel spin, spin, spin and give different payouts along with the traditional 3-reel slot game. It feels like playing 2 games at once! Bally Technologies have made the real life machines to simulate manual spinning by incorporating touch screens – and that’s certainly a fun experience. If you were a fan of the popular TV game show, recreate the excitement of the spin in this great online game.

When you play, sometimes you can get the U-Spin icon that will trigger the wheel, which will hopefully trigger big wins. Tons of multiplier levels can even be earned through gaining access to that feature. The Money Bag icon is a straightforward bonus payout on top of your winnings. The game promises 243 ways you can win! And it challenges you to discover them by keeping on playing. If you’re in for a slot game with a “twist,” Cash Spin may be the one for you.


Ninja master slot game

Test your gaming chops – well, your karate chops would be appreciated too! This Japanese ninja-themed game is atmospheric and immersive with beautiful 3D graphics is from SkillOnNet. 5 reels and 20 pay lines are floating with in-theme icons and the titular energetic Ninja Master supporting your big wins by giving you bonuses!

Some special features include the Wild Ninja symbol that triggers bonus effects and multipliers. Free Spins keeps the game fast-paced and exciting, and you will feel like you want to make Ninja Master your friend. Even the Double Up feature is themed with gold and rice, giving a new spin on the rather traditional feature. Payout is from both left to right, and right to left, so many chances of winning are already under your Ninja Master black belt – all that’s left to do is to enjoy!

There’s certainly lots of games to choose from these days, and the interpretations many casinos and companies come up with have their own themes and gimmicks that make players come back for more. Other than being fun, the games also give interesting ways to win, tickling that fancy that every person has for a little risk and daring.

Your summer can use the heat – log on and spin now!

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