Everybody dreams of hitting it big in their favorite games of chance. They dream of the cars they will buy, the countries they will visit, and the parties they will hold. The sudden millionaire’s life seems so improbable, but everyone’s dreams for the mountains of money are vivid. The thing is, it does happen – we see it in the news every so often.  Regular people have been chosen by destiny to earn millions in games of luck, and it’s a proverbial downward spiral for those who don’t know how to handle money and the subsequent amount of power they gain.

Do you wonder what you would do when your numbers get called out tomorrow? Hey – it could happen! And when it does, here is guide that can smoothly take you from your dream winnings to a better and brighter future.

big win



First, you’ll have to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. No matter what anyone tells you, you deserve to live out the dream. After you deal with the legal details of the sweepstakes, you should take the time off from your hometown. The best way to do this is to finally take that vacation you have dreamed of. Take your family and friends. Experience life away from home as of the moment and have some instant gratification.

Taking a vacation will help you relieve yourself of the sudden excitement and stress that you experience internally and externally when you first try to get used to your new-found riches. It’s always great to get away sometimes, and you will need the relaxation before you find out what a pain a lot of money can be…



After you’ve splurged on your wildest dreams, we have to make sure your spree won’t continue until you’re all out of money. Historically, big winners and celebrities who get rich all of a sudden and haven’t experienced wealth before, are susceptible to bankruptcy. No matter the amount you won, it’s not an unlimited pot. You will probably be surprised how much you are capable of spending in a day.

raining money

Avoid the future financial funk and get an expert while you can afford it! You have to know where to put it while still having the time of your life. Don’t give in to the saying “easy come, easy go” and proactively protect your moolah!



Filthy rich people stick out like a sore thumb. There is the kind of rich people who flash their black credit cards and fancy cars every time they get. Without generalizing, people who have been born rich will have a hard time understanding and relating to the nuance of financial struggle regular people face. This is an advantage that the suddenly rich have – they were someone else before all that money. Money will surely change a person. If you have a set of values you would like to stick with for the rest of your life, it’s time to review that when you’ve hit the big bucks, because your priorities will be different. It’s easy to get cocky and nonchalant – you will lose and gain friends and even family. Sudden Wealth Syndrome is a new psychological problem observed in big winners. Don’t get sucked in and don’t show off – be someone you will like to meet and spend time with.



Getting rich can lead to never having to work another day in your life. If you do want income, it could be as easy as purchasing prime properties and living off the tenant’s rent. It’s hard to get the same motivation when you’re not working towards something. So now, you should think of what you want to be remembered by. For example, you can set up a foundation or charity for something close to your heart. Big winners in lotteries are usually revealed to the public. People love a good rags-to-riches story. You can use this sudden fame for your benefit as well. Would you like to be remembered as that person who won the lottery for the rest of your life? It isn’t really the best identifier in the world. Chase your childhood dreams or even help others achieve their dreams. Giving back is not throwing away money – investing in other people is really good for your soul and your community’s future!



Spend your money on what you like, you’re the boss now. Your life will change. But life goes on. Don’t let the money change you for the worse, and live life to the fullest as a glammed up, high-end version of your sweet and humble self! Complex? Yes. Complicated? No – just think of the main outline of this guide: your fun, your future, your family & friends, and your legacy.


One thing you’ve got to remember is money won’t solve all the problems of the world! When your debts are paid off and your future is secure, don’t forget to have fun! Instant fortune isn’t the best teacher in the world, but your mistakes will show you the ropes. When you hit it big, just remember that your life will turn upside down and inside out! Learn to be grateful for the amazing ride and still be true to yourself.

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